You will need to complete a 8 hour course of instruction on the Powers to Arrest and WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) terrorism awareness video.
You will then need to be finger printed at a Live Scan station and fill out and submit an application to BSIS.
Powers to Arrest Course $236.00,which cover's the cost BSIS application fee & Live Scan fee
16 Hours of training in 30 days after you receive your guard card  $168.00 8 hour mandatory classroom training BSIS required
16 Hours of training with-in 6 month's of your guard card $168.00 8 hour mandatory classroom training BSIS required
You will need to fill out the BSIS Application Form
You will need to Fill out the Live Scan Form before you can be scanned.
IF you have any questions call             1-888-948-4774

Proprietary Security Officer Card is a card which is issued by BSIS.
This card is not the same as a full guard card and thus the training requirements are not the same.
You must still complete a full Live Scan background check as well as fill an application with BSIS.
This card indicates you perform security for a single entity and are not hired out.  Example working at a hospital, you receive a paycheck from the hospital and they have you register as an employee, you wear their distinctive uniform.With this card you may NOT go from a private company to a contract security company.
If you have any questions call             1-888-948-4774

NO!!!  Since you have not undergone the additional training requirements to obtain the full guard card you may not carry any deadly weapon as a PSO, such as a Baton or Firearm.
Again in order to carry a deadly weapon as stated in the Penal Code you must comply with the states requirements under the Penal Code, Business and Profession Code and California Code of Regulations governing this issue.
IF you have any questions call             1-888-948-4774

API Academy
Olivehurst, Mon - Fri 8am-5pm, cash, credit or check
after hours and weekends by appointment - deposit requirement for appointment
Sutter Co. Sheriff Dept.
Yuba City, Mon- Fri 8am-4pm, No cash
Yuba Co. Sheriff Dept.
Marysville, Tuesday and Thursday ONLY 9am-4pm, Cash and Checks

You must attend our two day course and qualify on the range in a live fire exercise. If you already have your guard card you will have to do a live scan again.  No matter what your previous experience is, BSIS requires this course to obtain your state license. It is not required by the State, but in order to demonstrate escalation of force it is recommended that you take an alternative defense course,Chemical Agents or Advanced Air Taser.

No we do not offer financial aid.  However, there are state and local programs that may assist you.  We can help direct you towards some of those programs.  See the director for more information.

BSIS is the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services.
They are the regulatory agency that oversees the Security and Investigative industry in California and are the approving authority for all licenses pertaining to these industries.

Once a firarms permit has been issued you need to reshoot (requalify) for your premit every 6 months after your permit has been issued.  Example if your permit was issued in January then you need to requalify (July, Janurary, July and November).

Where can I practice with my firearm?
Twin Cities Rod & Gun Club Yuba City, Ca
Shooters Paradise Yuba City, CA
Once you have completed your application process your license will be issued by BSIS and mailed to you.  We all know how slow mail is and how easily it can be lost BSIS has an Online License Verification portal.
You may use this portal to look up and verify your or someone else's Guard Card, Exposed Firearms Card, Baton Card or even a companies Private Patrol Operators license.
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