CCW Concealed Weapon Permit

Concealed Carry Weapon Course

API Academy is authorized to conduct the 8-hour initial and 4-hour refresher

California Concealed Carry Permit Course for the following areas,

Yuba County, Sutter County, Colusa County and City of Colusa.


Taking this course is not a guarantee you will be issued your permit.


Our program includes the following criteria for 8-hour course and portions of for the 4-hour renewal course.

You may not carry your weapon without a legally issued permit

by the issuing authority.

Legal and Moral Aspects -

When  you can use Lethal Force, Where you can and
cannot carry your weapon,
condition colors, Criminal and Civil

Use of Force - De-escalation of force - Alternative defensive devices

Tactical considerations - Weapon, Ammo, Holsters, Clothing

Shooting Techniques - Target Acquisition, Weapon Handling, Drawing and Holstering (Safely)

Training Videos, Scenario Discussion,

Questions and Answers

Live Fire Range Drills and Course of

You will need a minimum of 50 rounds of ammo per weapon – we recommend more for any additional training if needed.

8 Hour initial course - $75.00

4 Hour renewal course - $48.00

Classes are held twice a month / Special classes on request.

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